Working with our Sponsorship Agreement Holder (Diocese of Peterborough) a family of 6 (father, mother and four children) has been identified as Syrian Refugees displaced to Lebanon and needing a new country to call home.

As sponsors, our role is to provide financial and emotional support during the first year while this family rebuilds their life in Canada. Like most refugee families, this family will arrive at the airport with only a few small and precious belongings. We are raising money to provide the family with the things that most of us take for granted, including housing, heat & electricity, home furnishings, clothing, and food for one year, in addition to costs incurred during the application process (medical exams, flights to Canada).

This is a “Private Refugee Sponsorship” with no financial support from the Government of Canada. We will need to raise $40,000 in cash and gift in kind donations to support the Alftih family for the first year (including their airfare to Canada)

This family fled their home in Syria after their family clothing business and livelihood was destroyed in the civil war. They have been living in Lebanon for the past 2+ months.

With your help, we will be welcoming this family to Canada this coming year.

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