The ongoing refugee crisis in the Middle East and North Africa has left many of us across the world wondering what we can do and how we can help. Our group initially met to explore exactly this. We asked ourselves, can we possibly make a difference? And the answer was YES! By helping just one family escape the horrors of civil war, we can make a difference.

We are a group of 15 individuals from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada who have banded together to help a Syrian family. Our diverse backgrounds in education, mental health, family medicine, housing, and fundraising allow us to naturally contribute towards an initiative that is quickly surging forward.

Our group is being advised by the New Canadians Centre and Casa Maria Refugee Homes in Peterborough who have 22 years of experience in refugee resettlement.

We have partnered with both the Roman Catholic Diocese of Peterborough (Sponsorship Agreement Holder) and Grace United Church (Community Group) to bring the Alftih family to Canada in early 2016.  As well we are working with both of these groups to bring the 13 relatives of Randa who also escaped the tragedy of war in Syria.  They are temporarily living in Lebanon waiting to come to Canada.