Imagine your Parents and Sister and her family were living in Aleppo and their apartment was bombed.

Imagine, most of them were not at home at the time.

Imagine your mother was at home, but survived the attack.

War at it’s worst.  Innocent victims of a brutal time in our history

Imagine you lived in Aleppo in 2015 but were able to find your way to Canada with your husband and your four children.

Imagine you are feeling like life is normal again for you.

Imagine there may be a chance to help your Parents, two sisters and their children get out of harms way in live safely in Canada.

This is the reality of Randa and her family.  Randa and her family now live in Peterborough and are working hard to help reunite their family members in Peterborough.

Randa’s extended family escaped Syria and now are stationed in Lebanon, waiting to become legal refugees in Canada.

You too can help.  Please consider clicking on this link and make a donation today

Donate Now – Canada Helps


Thank you

Safe Haven For Refugees Peterborough

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