Press Release: Safe Haven for Refugees Peterborough
July 12, 2017

Little Hands, Big Hearts
Grade Three Students Help Reunite Displaced Families

On Saturday June 17, 2017 from 8 am to 1 pm a dedicated group of Grade 3 students from Edmison Heights Public School will host a yard sale to help raise funds to reunite a Syrian family displaced by war. The yard sale will take place in the Adam Scott parking lot and there will also be a silent auction featuring donations generously gifted to the class by local artists and businesses.

Safe Haven for Refugees Peterborough is so pleased to learn Mme Laura Smith and her students have taken the initiative to help reunite family members from Syria.

In January 2016, Safe Haven had the privilege of welcoming the Alftih family from Aleppo Syria. Mohammad and Randa and their four children have now been settling into their life in Peterborough for over a year. While the family has done very well – opening a successful family business – Oasis Mediterranean Grill (OMG) this year, the family has left behind most of their close family members. Reunification of families can often be the missing piece toward successful integration in a new country. This Grade three class seems to understand this well and is determined to help get the family back together.

Mme Smith’s class is determined to “be the change they want to see”. “They had such a beautiful life in Aleppo before the war, says 8 year-old Rielle MacDougall, “they have lost all of that now.”

The young students are happy to know that the Alftih family is safe in Canada now but they understand what it must mean to be separated from your loved ones. “They had to leave all their friends behind,” says Tyler Selby, another Grade 3 student. “So many people have died in the war.” Addison Miller, another student adds, “In Canada we have everything we need and we are safe. Everyone deserves to have that.”

This year, Safe Haven is anticipating the arrival of the Alftih children’s grandmother, grandfather, their aunts and their cousins on their mother Randa’s side. Laura Smith and her students hope that folks will support their efforts by coming out to the sale this coming Saturday.

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