SH logo squareThere were 15 people interested in forming this working group, to prepare all the steps necessary to bring a refugee family to Peterborough.

This group comes from a variety of backgrounds and there are many different skills brought to the table by this Group: Carla Newport, Chantilly McKinnon, Claire Sullivan, David Cain, Janis Kelly, Jesse Jacobs, John Anderson, Karen Hjort-Jensen, Lloyd Graham, Mary Garvey, Megan Murphy, Peter Hewett, Rob Steinman, Sheila Collett & Stephanie Benn.

Chantilly McKinnon has ageed to be our spokesperson. Our two biggest tasks are to raise the funds and build what is called a Settlement Plan. To make this happen, we broke into two groups; Marketing/Fundraising and Settlement Planning.

Also, we started the process of identifying a Syrian Family to bring to Canada.

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